EFT Plus™

Simplify your payment process

EFT PLUS™ is a fully integrated payment solution for Store Systems environments that is helping retailers streamline their transaction processing while meeting PCI and EMV (Chip and PIN) requirements. Increasing emphasis is being placed on consumer security and privacy; card brands are introducing significant changes upon retailers through Banks and Transaction Processors. Retailers need to ensure they are taking measures to meet compliance standards of PCI and EMV. In fact, one-third of all Canadians believe that the responsibility for credit card security falls on retailers. With EFT PLUS™ you can take the right steps now to minimize your exposure to payment fraud and data compromises. A business must-have, EFT PLUS™ is designed to make the transition to Chip and PIN fast and easy. EFT PLUS™ is flexible and scalable which allows for multiple transaction processors/banks, multiple PINpad manufacturers, and multiple 3rd party value added services, all with the option of adding more connections as you need them.

EFT Plus™ features
  • Seamless integration for POS environments
  • PCI PA-DSS (Data Security Standards) compliance
  • Supports both MSR and Chip & PIN requirements International
  • Support for multiple Transaction Processors/banks
  • Support for multiple PINPads
  • Multiple Value Added (3rd Party) services
  • TCP/IP communications
  • Streamlined design
  • Migration path to/from all store systems-OS

24/7 Support
With 80% of payment transactions processed electronically, EFT applications are among the most mission critical in your organization. STJ retail is the sole provider of real-time, EFT application support through a dedicated 24/7 helpdesk. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staffs ensure you get up-to-the-minute help when you need it.