Our Methodology

STJ retail has an in-depth knowledge of both POS and Retail payments. STJ provides generic EMV consulting services and roadmaps regardless of the technology.

Our approach to consultation focuses on simplicity & efficiency through our PPR methodology.

Payment Process Re-Engineering - PPR
Step 1: Introduction
Prospective clients approach us with a compelling reason or specific requirement. We engage and introduce the payment process re-engineering methodology and start analysing the issues/concerns at hand.

Step 2: High-level Feasibility Study
We interpret the high level requirements and understand the system architecture through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. This helps us develop a high level feasibility report which summarises a recommendation addressing today and tomorrow’s requirement.

Step 3: Merchant Process & Project Management Plan
On approval of our high level report and summary, retailers engage STJ retail to provide an in-depth project management plan as a part of consultation services. STJ retail identifies the systems processes for re-engineering, identifies the change levers, quantify and qualify the measurable, plan the detailed implementation scope time & cost for the Merchant Process life cycle.

At this point our clients have complete discretion to implement the plan using their in-house resources/other alternatives OR go ahead with our esteemed merchant process implementers.

Note: The steps below (step 4, 5 & 6) fall under STJ services & solutions.

Step 4: Implementation/Execution of the Merchant Process Life Cycle

Step 5: Pilot & Store Roll-Out
The stage includes monitoring and managing of the implementation. The complete deployment of the system into production phase including testing processes, training & documentation (proof of concept, user manual etc)

Step 6: Continuous Improvement Industry Updates & maintenance support