EFT Plus

EFT Plus
EFT Plus™ is a fully integrated electronic payment solution that addresses EMV (chip and PIN) compliance, for credit and debit card processing. It features a modular architecture which enables merchants easily deploy additional payments products such as Contactless, Loyalty, Gift Cards and Mobile Couponing without modifying their core payments solution. This flexibility also applies to future payment technologies that have not reached the marketplace.

Open Flexible Architecture
  • EFT Plus™ is PIN pad, switch and acquirer independent, allowing merchants to make the best decisions for their business and providing access to variety of pre-programmed PIN pad, acquirer and value added host interfaces. EFT Plus™ can operate natively on both IBM 4690 and Linux platforms. It also comes with a variety of integration options to suit the widest range of points of sale environments.

Professional Services
  • STJ Retail understands the need to minimize the effect of changes on the retailer, which is why professional services including full integration and certification of EFT Plus™ are offered as part of the solution. STJ Retail is a certified Electronic Funds Transfer Certification Lab. This designation enables the company to perform merchant certifications in the STJ Retail lab on behalf of the transaction processor. The company's extensive industry knowledge and experience reduces the time to compliance and simplifies the migration process.

EFT Plus™ features:
  • Full compliance with Payment Application Best Practices (PABP), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and EMV standards
  • Enables EMV, contactless and magnetic stripe based credit, debit and stored value transactions
  • Support for value added services, such as gift card, phone card and loyalty programs
  • Preconfigured integrations to a variety of EMV enabled PIN pads for fixed, kiosk and unattended applications
  • Acquirer, processor and switch independence
  • Encryption of cardholder account information and secure storage of sensitive data
  • Parameter based configuration for simplified migration between service providers
  • Reduction in usage of system resources versus competitive solutions

Award Winning Solution
  • The award-winning, flexible architecture of EFT Plus™ makes each transaction at the point of sale faster and more efficient. The solution is currently deployed across Canada, Spain and Australia, delivering EMV compliance for a number of large retailers.