STJ Across the Globe

STJ combines both retail and payments knowledge from a merchant perspective. In doing so STJ has developed a major market differentiator for payment solutions through its services offerings compared to competitive solutions.

- Miguel Stanic
  Service and Solutions Manager
  STJ Retail

The Services & Solutions team at STJ Retail is proud to bring many years of experience in the planning, development & integration of software solutions catered to your environment. Whether we’re adding functionality that’s completely new or enhancing the current architecture, we make every provision to ensure that our solution is tailored to meet your specific business requirements. As we do with our current customers, we can develop and enhance your current Point of Sale application and/or we can design an integrated payments solution that works well with your current system.

Our services also include project management, EMV certification, procuring hardware, managing the service on your hardware in accordance with related service level agreements and providing helpdesk support. From every angle, our services & solutions team has you covered. Give us a call as we are ready to provide you with the information & assistance that is readily available through our friendly & knowledgeable staff.

Our services & solutions team is proud to serve customers across North America but we don’t draw the line there as we also have international customers running our software in other countries. So whether you need an EMV payments solution, development of your point of sale system or perhaps just require a specific service from STJ Retail such as project management or helpdesk support, we are ready to provide you with the solution(s) that’s right for your company. We are STJ Retail’s Services & Solutions team and we are at the CORE of Retail Payments.